Good News!! Koms is live !!!!! Go for it!!                                                                                                                         Welcome to Kairos Krimson's New Web Portal "KOMS"!!                                                                                                                         If you have any questions, please contact us at
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Kairos Krimson takes the pleasure to introduce its new web portal to track orders, facilitate production monitoring and better control shipments

v We would like your company to begin using this portal immediately to access Kairos Krimson systems, be updated on new policies/procedures, and search for your answers to questions

v Your participation and feedback will be valuable to us as we prepare to roll out to all across our vendor base in a few weeks time


v The product line development which are samples – products, product picture, description, presentation, communication, specifications, etc.

v The purchase order – product details, delivery date, approvals, milestones, targets and execution details

v Inspections – initial, mid, and final using methods like AQL, maintaining the Inspection history, and having to-do calendar

v Traffic and logistics – pre-shipment, shipment, and post- shipment details – invoicing, consolidation, vessel / flight, airway bill / bill of lading, container details

v The compliance audit – CTPAT, Social, Factory etc – for vendors’ facilities, factories, policies & processes

v The profiles of various stakeholders – Buyer, Vendor, Supplier and user groups – Merchandising, Inspectors, Logistics groups.